Health is Wealth

Health is wealth

I have been a person with average energy and moderate level of fitness. Though, in my childhood I used to be frequently unhealthy, I started working on my health from my mid teens. That helped me improve my immunity and reduce medication. Last 3 years of my schooling had been without any absenteeism, and that was a great achievement for me, then.

During my college days, I started believing the saying ‘Health is wealth’, however never tested my capability. I have been always a firm believer of balanced diet and without a smoking or drinking habit this provided a good balance of sound health.

I got a self boost to improve my health only with an easy access to gym within my residential complex. I started working on building those muscles and improving my endurance and strength. Soon, became one of those very few regular ones and started to be recognized as a committed body builder. During this period I also realized the importance of nutrition and diet for the right set of muscles and stamina.

This was just the beginning and I realized some aspects of my body and health:

  1.    Age is just a number for any beginning and more so for physical fitness
  2.    Preparing mentally and adhering to it is the key to physical well being
  3.    There is no limit to achievement as long as it is practical
  4.    If committed and consistent the Best is always to come

I have been always an organized person and with this understanding and self motivation I felt the need to take my personal fitness to the next level. I started feeling good when others got motivated because of me. I always wanted to make a positive difference in peoples’ lives. I decided to run at least every SCMM, if not other marathons. And, since then have run about 4 half marathons and 3 full marathons, and my performance has always been improving till now. My mantra was to prepare and adhere to my training schedule. With just over two months of regular training I have been successfully running full marathons. The first one clocked about 5:21 hours and the latest one being at 4:46 hours. Over the last two years I have also figured out the effect of nutrition in my daily diet on my body that directly affects the muscles and fat percentage. The level of self-confidence built is far more than these statistical numbers determining performance improvement.

I believe fitness is a combination of well-being, energy, stamina, endurance and strength. With a sound knowledge and constant awareness I believe to be my own guide. With some milestones achieved I have been felicitated and known in my social and community circles. I would personally feel very good if I could contribute to my family and friends on their well-being. But, my satisfaction level can be exponential if my learning and experiences could motivate and increase the health value of a larger population base. With this value and thought I am now part of Pepper to take my dreams of better health and well being for the people of my country.

“Age is just a number for any beginning and more so for physical fitness.”

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